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Order Status with Label

WCFM Order listing page by default shows order status by icon. But you may change this and show status as icon+text as well.

You have to use this code snippet –

add_filter( 'wcfm_order_status_display', function( $label, $the_order ) {
$label .= '<br />' . wc_get_order_status_name( $the_order->get_status() );
return $label;
}, 50, 2 );

Hence it will look like this –

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Commission Overview

Commission is the most important part of any multi-vendor site.

WCFM Marketplace will going to give you all kind of flexibility to setup your marketplace commissions.

You are allowed to setup commission at all different levels –

  • Global
  • By Membership
  • Individual Vendor
  • Category Wise
  • Product Specific