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Shipping Settings and Types

WCFM provides the following shipping types for the store and they are:

  1. Shipping by zone
  2. Shipping by Country
  3. Shipping by weight

The above shipping types can be configured globally by admin from Admin Dashboard, and they can be overwritten by vendors as per their specific store rules.

To initiate the shipping rule, the admin will have to enable the “Store shipping” option from here:  WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping settings-> Check “Store shipping” option. ( Pic ref #1)

Pic: #1

Once the Store Shipping option is enabled, admin can activate the shipping methods/types as per requirement by enabling the checkboxes adjacent to shipping types as shown in the below screenshot:

Pic: #2

Enabling the above check-boxes of shipping types ( pic ref#2) will ensure that the vendors get these shipping options to be configured in their store as well. Here’s where they can set the shipping options WCFM Vendor dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping ( Pic ref#3)


Clicking on each of these types will allow the admin to set default rules for shipping ( via WCFM Admin Dashboard), additionally the vendors can also overwrite these default rules for their own store accordingly and for this you will have to give the vendor(s) the capability to do so from here : WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Capability -> Shipping option

Let’s now discuss setting up these shipping types in your marketplace one by one.

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Shipping Overview

WCFM Marketplace gives you and your vendors the most flexible and powerful shipping management system for your marketplace. Most importantly, WCFM is seamlessly compatible with a number of major shipping plugins available today and you can get a glance of the same from here.

So let’s discuss how easily you can configure the shipping module for your marketplace and enjoy selling!

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Restrict Add Product without Payment Setting

You may restrict vendor’s “Add Product” permission if they not yet setup their payment setting –

add_filter( 'wcfm_is_allow_pm_add_products', function( $is_allow ) {
global $wp;
if( wcfm_is_vendor() ) {
$vendor_id = apply_filters( 'wcfm_current_vendor_id', get_current_user_id() );
$vendor_data = get_user_meta( $vendor_id, 'wcfmmp_profile_settings', true );
$payment_mode = isset( $vendor_data['payment']['method'] ) ? esc_attr( $vendor_data['payment']['method'] ) : '' ;
$paypal_email = isset( $vendor_data['payment']['paypal']['email'] ) ? esc_attr( $vendor_data['payment']['paypal']['email'] ) : '' ;
$stripe_user_id = get_user_meta( $vendor_id, 'stripe_user_id', true );
if( !$payment_mode || ( ( $payment_mode == 'stripe' ) && !$stripe_user_id ) || ( ( $payment_mode == 'paypal' ) && !$paypal_email ) ) {
if( isset( $wp->query_vars['wcfm-products-manage'] ) ) {
wcfm_restriction_message_show( __( "Payment account not yet setup!", "wc-fronend-manager" ), false, true );
$is_allow = false;
return $is_allow;
}, 750 );

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Live Chat Firebase Rules

Step 1 : Click on Database from left menu.

Step 2 : Switch to Rules tab

Step 3 : Replace code with the following code (same as shown in below image, if its not same already) and click on Publish button Code:
"rules": {
".read": "true",
".write": "true"

Step 4 : Click on Storage from left menu. 

Step 5 :  Click on Get Started 

Step 6 :  Click on Got It 

Step 7 :  Switch to Rules tab 

Step  8 : Add “|| request.auth == null” at the last in to the code

Step 9 : The code(same as into below image), then click on Publish button 

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Live Chat Capability

If you don’t want to have Chat Module in your site they you may disable just by on click.

Kindly go to WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Modules -> Chat Box -> Set this OFF


You may control “Chat Box” capability from WCFM Capability setting page.



You may control chat module availability as per vendor as well.

Membership specific chat box capability controller is also possible using WCFM – Group & Staff addon.