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Delivery Time Order Details

Admin and Vendors will see customer’s preferred delivery time under Store Manager -> Order List -> Shipping Column –

If order has multiple vendors then Admin will see separate delivery time for each vendors –

Vendors will see only their own delivery time –

Delivery time visible under Order details page as well –

Delivery Person view:

If you assign Delivery Person to this order then they will see delivery time under their order list –

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Delivery Time Vendor Setting

Vendors are allow to define their preferred delivery time slots from their Setting panel – Delivery Times

It’s essential for vendors to “Enable Delivery Time” option, if they do not enable this then customer will not have preferred delivery time select option for that vendor under checkout.

Week Day Off: Vendors are allow to disable those week days which they do not prefer to deliver.

Daily available time slots: Vendors are also allow to define daily basis available time slots.

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Delivery Time Admin Setting

Admin allow to set default delivery times form WCFM Admin Setting -> Delivery

Start Time: Set this to show first time slot available for delivery. E.g. if you set this `30 minutes` then customers will have first time slot after `30 minutes` from current time.

Show Upto: ‘Set this to show maximum time slots available for delivery. E.g. if you set this `2 days` then customers will able to choose time slots upto `2 days from start time`.

Slots Duration: Each delivery time slot duration

Slot Display Format: This will define how time slots list will display to customers. Options – Only Date, Only Time, Date and Time

Week Day Off: You may also disable those week days which are not available for delivery.

Daily available time slots: You are also allow to define daily basis available time slots. Just be careful, do not add conflicting time slots for a day.

Delivery Time Module:

If you don’t require this module then may disable form WCFM Admin Setting -> Modules -> Delivery Time Module –


Delivery Capability:

You may disable this for vendors from WCFM Capability setting as well –

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Distance Shipping at Checkout

To calculate shipping based on distance users has to insert their location using map at checkout page –

As soon as users will insert their location shipping will be calculated and shown –

Now, if user’s location distance more than vendor’s deliverable “Max Distance” then such an error message will be shown and order processing will be blocked –

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Distance Shipping Vendor Setting

Similar to Admin, the vendors can also configure the distance shipping rates from their Dashboard here:

WCFM Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping -> Select “Shipment by Distance”

Note that this option will only be available to the vendors only if “Shipping by Distance” globally enabled by Admin globally.

To work with distance rate shipping vendor’s location is essential. So be sure, vendors has their location using map from their setting -> Location

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Distance Shipping Admin Setting

Admin can enable/disable the Shipping by Distance option from the following section: WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Settings-> Shipping settings.  From here “Check” the enable button in Shipping by distance settings and one can see the following options.

Admin allow to set default rule for all vendors. Off course, vendors are allowed to override this form their own shipping setting panel.

Default Cost: This will be the base shipping price of all the products, if any matching distance rule found then this will be added with rule cost. You may leave this empty to work with only rule cost as well.

Max Distance: You may set this restrict upto maximum distance product will be deliverable. E.g. if you set this 2, then product will be deliverable upto maximum 2 km/mi. May leave empty and this will be consider as no maximum limit.

Free Shipping Minimum order amount: The amount entered here will be the benchmark above which the shipping will be free.

Enable Local Pickup: Check this to enable “Pickup from Store” option for distance rate shipping

Local Pickup Cost: Pickup form store cost

Distance-cost Rules: You may setup any number of rules for distance rates. E.g “Upto 1 km cost $5”, “upto 2km cost $10”, “more than 2km cost $15”. Just be sure, there should not be any conflicting rules.