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Country Shipping-Vendor settings

 Similar to Admin, the vendors can also configure the shipping rates related to country from their Dashboard here:

WCFM Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping -> Select “Shipment by country”

Note that this option will only be available to the vendors if it’s enabled by Admin globally for the vendors.

Once Shipping by country option is selected, the vendors will be able to see the following options:

The above options will allow the vendors to set the shipping rates for specific countries and their correlated states.

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Country Shipping-admin settings

Admin can enable the shipping by country option from the following section: WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Settings-> Shipping settings.  From here “Check” the enable button in Shipping by country settings and one can see the following options.

The “shipping by country” settings admin can set 4 different types of default cost.

Default Shipping Price: This will be the base shipping price of all the products of the vendor irrespective of countries and states.

Per Product Additional Price: This cost will we applied to every second type of product from the same vendor in the cart.

Per Qty Additional Price: This cost will be applied to every second quantity of the same product of the vendor which is present in the cart.

Free Shipping Minimum order amount: The amount entered here will be the benchmark above which the shipping will be free.

Shipping calculation:

The following options needs to be set for shipping calculation as required.

Ships from: The country from where the vendor ships products.

Shipping rates by country:

From the above section shown the Admin can set the shipping price for each country selecting the country name from each dropdown. The number of country selection box can be increased by clicking the plus sign in the bottom of the country selection box.

Shipping price for states of individual countries can also be entered by selecting the state names from State Shipping Rates box and entering the shipping cost of the respective states. The number of state selection box can also be increased per country by clicking the plus sign in the bottom of the state selection box.

When the customer adds the product of the vendor in the cart the shipping cost for the vendor will be calculated according to the shipping country selected by the customer as shown below:


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Weightwise Shipping-Vendor settings

The vendors can also configure their shipping rates related to weight and these  values will overwrite the data entered by the admin in their settings. They can do the same from here: WCFM Vendor Dashboard-> Settings-> Shipping-> Set shipping type to shipping by weight.    

Once Shipping type is selected as “Shipping by weight” then the vendors will be able to see all the options similar to those provided to the admin. There they can set specific country, cost, weight rule, cost etc.

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Weightwise Shipping-Admin settings

Admin Settings: Admin can set the shipment rules by weight from the following path : WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipment Settings -> Enable Store Shipping Settings -> Enable Shipping by weight. 

Once this option is enabled the admin will get the following options as shown below:

Here’s a brief of weight-wise shipment settings options available

Country :User can enter the country from where he/she can allocate specific shipping rules

Calculate Cost: Here user can set the terms on which shipping cost will be calculated. They can either set it “As per rules”, where other relative information should be provided. Or “Per unit cost”, where the user will be able to enter $/kg rate ( per unit cost)

  1. Calculate cost based on rules: If the user chooses to set rules for the calculation, they will get the following options as shown.
    Weight rule: One can set the weight rule from here by either selecting “ weight upto” or weight more than” option.
    Weight: The amount of weight can be entered here.
    Cost: Here the user can add the additional cost which is to be paid by the customer once the weight decided is exceeded.

  2.  Calculation based on per unit: If the user chooses to set rules on unit basis they will get the following options as shown:Once per unit cost is selected, the user will be prompted to enter the cost which will be added per Kg.Note that the user can add more countries and set rules by clicking on the (+) icons.
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Zone wise- Vendor settings

The vendors can configure the shipping settings from here: Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping.

The vendor has to enable the shipping option and set the processing time, after this they are prompted to select the shipping type which is globally set by the admin.

For zone-wise shipping, all the zone set up by the admin will be visible in the zone list for the vendor once they select “Shipping by Zone” option.

These shipping zones can be configured by the vendor as per the required by clicking on “Edit” shown below:

Vendor(s) will be able to select country states and postcode ( if applicable ) for the selected zone to enforce the shipping rules.  

To add shipping methods, the vendor have to click on the “Add shipping Method” option:

Clicking this will show a pop-up which will prompt the vendor to select the shipping method from the following options:

  1. Flat rate
  2. Local Pickup
  3. Free shipping

Flat rate shipping: For the flat rate shipping method vendors can also enter shipping class costs ( The Classes which are set by the Admin ) for each zone below the default flat rate shipping cost. This costs will be added to the default flat rate cost if a product with the particular shipping class is added to the cart.

Additionally, vendors can assign a product to a shipping class from Add/edit product page here: WCFM Vendor Dashboard -> Product-> Individual product -> Shipping 

Free Shipping: Vendors can allocate free shipping for their product using this shipping method and can set the minimum amount required to waive of the shipping cost.

Local Pick-up: Local Pickup is a method that allows the customer to pick up the order themselves.The vendors can configure the relative tax and cost from here.


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Zone wise- Admin settings

Admin can allow the vendors to configure the shipping rates zone-wise by enabling the option from here:  WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Settings- > Shipment settings -> Shipping by zone.

After this the admin will have to add these zone from Admin panel here: Admin panel -> WooCommerce -> Settings->Shipping -> Shipping zone->Add Shipping Zone.

In the Add Shipping Zone Page. Enter Zone Name, select Zone Regions, and click Add Shipping Method. 

In the Shipping method popup select “Store Shipping” from the dropdown and save all changes

Once this is done, then you can allow the vendors to provide the related rates from the front-end for the given shipping zones as all the zones set up by the admin will be visible in the zone list for the vendor.

Additionally, admin can also set shipping class for the vendors and they can set shipping costs for the shipping classes set by the admin per zone.

For setting up the shipping classes, the admin will have to configure it from here: Admin Dashboard -> WooCommerce-> Settings-> Shipping class 

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Zone Wise Settings

In the shipping by zone, the vendor can Choose multiple shipping methods for each zone, for example you can select Flat-rate and free Shipping for Asia and only local pickup for Europe. This enables the user to define the shipping rates on a mass scale and thus is very handy feasibility. 

The settings can be configured by Admin and the vendor combined and here’s how one can set them easily.