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Shipping Overview

Today, shipping is the base of any e-commerce site, it’s needless to say that any  store owner has to decide on which shipping carriers to tie up with and accordingly formulate the plan to incur charges. With WCFM Marketplace you can give your vendors most flexible and powerful shipping management system for your store.

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Review capability

 Admin can control  the review module for vendors/Staffs/managers globally, by group or individually by managing the capabilities of the same via capability module. You can set it from here: Goto Admin Dashboard -> Capability-> Marketplace settings

Tuning this “OFF” will disable the users ( vendors/staff/managers) to control the reviews of their store.


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Review Settings

Admin can configure the rules for reviews from the following:  WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Refund Settings.

Review Auto-approve: Checking this option will allow the admin to approve the reviews automatically. Unchecking this will require the admin to approve the reviews manually.

Review only Store Users:  Checking this option will allow only the users who have purchased from the store to place a review.

Product review Sync: Enabling this option will allow vendor’s products review considered as their store review.

Review Categories: You may also set different review rating categories as well. Total rating will be auto calculated from an average of all the categories you have chosen. You can add different categories by clicking on (+) button and delete it by clicking on (x)


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Review Overview

Certainly, reviews play an important part in any business it builds trust among your users. In a marketplace, store reviews are no less important than product reviews, and sometimes users will purchase from a store only when they are confident about the store! Luckily, WCFM marketplace gives you highly flexible review system for your vendor stores enhancing faith among your users.

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Refund Request Approval

WCFM allows the admin to approve the requests either manually or automatically. This can be setup accordingly from here:  WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Refund Settings

Upon checking the Request Auto approve button, all refund requests will be disbursed automatically.

Incase the admin doesn’t approve auto-approve then all refund requests will have to be approved manually and the request can be seen here : WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Refund 

The admin can select the required refund requests from the above list and can either Approve or Reject the request from the buttons provided at the bottom.

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Refund claim by customers

Customer will be able to claim a refund only if Admin checks the “Refund by customer” option from here: WCFM Admin Dashboard –> Settings -> Refund Settings.

If customer refund is allowed, then the customers can see refund options from their Order Dashboard, as shown here:

Similar to that of vendors, the customer will be prompted to fill-up few fields and enter the details of refund request as here:

The customer can ask for a Full refund or partial return and submit a request which will be processed by site admin.

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Refund Claim by Vendors

Vendors can apply for a refund for specific order from their order tabs here: WCFM Vendor Dashboard -> Orders -> Order Item list.

Upon clicking on the refund icon ( placed under the actions column) the vendor will be prompted to fill in the details of the claim like this:

While the Product name is pre-filled in the above pop-up shown, the vendor has to fill in remaining details for claiming the refund such as:

Refund Request :  Here the vendor can select is he/she will apply for a full refund or partial refund from the drop-down. Incase of partial refund, the vendor has to fill in the refund amount which is to be claimed.

Refund request reason: Here the vendor can provide specific reason for claiming a refund against an order.

Once the request has been placed and approved by admin ( either automatically or manually), the refund gets reflected in the order list as shown here ( for partial refund):

Note that if the vendor had already requested or withdrew commission before, then they will not be able to ask for a refund.