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Affiliate Commission Calculation Mode

You may also define how commission will be calculated, whether this will be on item cost or vendor’s commission.

If you set this ‘On Commission’ then Affiliate commission will be calculated on vendor’s commission amount and will be deducted from commission. Affiliate commission deduction will be visible under vendor’s order details and commission invoice as well.

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Vendor as Affiliate

You may enable “Vendor as Affiliate?” option from WCFM Admin Setting -> Affiliate setting tab

Now, your site vendors will see a new menu “Become Affiliate” under their dashboard.

If vendor click on this they will redirect to “Affiliate Registration” confirmation page.

If you have  enabled “Require Approval” option then will receive approval notification. On approval vendor will become “Affiliate” for the site.

Now vendor will have his “Affiliate Stats” menu under his dashboard –

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Withdrawal Requests – Vendor

Vendors will be able to check their pending withdrawal amount and claim them by clicking on the withdrawal button here: WCFM Vendor Dashboard >> Payments>> withdrawal 

On clicking the “withdrawal” button vendor will be redirected to Withdrawal request page shown below and select the orders for which they want to claim the amount.

Once the “request” button is clicked, admin gets notified about the claim and can either approve or reject the request.

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Withdrawal Vendor Setting

In addition to the withdrawal options provided globally ( i.e which will reflect all the vendors associated with the site) the admin can specifically apply withdrawal rules for individual vendors as well.

For applying the same, one has to configure the settings from here: Goto WCFM Admin Dashboard >> Vendor >> Manage vendor  >> Commission and Withdrawal settings.


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Withdrawal Threshold

Admin can setup the withdrawal conditions from Withdrawal settings tab in WCFM. They will be able to set minimum balance required to make a withdraw request from Minimum Withdraw Limit option here:

Additionally, admin can set minimum amount of days required to apply for a withdrawal request after the order has been placed from “Withdrawal Threshold” option provided.

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Withdrawal Approve

The withdrawal request submitted by the vendor can be approved either automatically or manually.

a. Request Auto Approve: Checking this option will automatically disburse payments to vendors on request. Auto disbursement only works for auto-payment gateways, e.g. PayPal, Stripe etc.

b.Manual approval process: Admin can approve the withdrawal request manually from the following section here: WCFM Admin Dashboard>>Withdrawal

The admin has to select the withdrawal request from the table and can “Approve” or “Reject” these requests manually.