1.Overview #

WCFM Marketplace shows the overall earning of the store for both Admin and vendors. You can simply select a wide range of options to analyse the sales of the product for required timeline. Let’s dive in to check the options provided to store owners and their vendors.

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2.Capability Settings #

The admin can view the report of the entire store for all the vendors, on the contrary the vendors can only see the reports for their store. However, the ability to view the reports for the vendors depends upon the admin and the admin can set this from the settings here: Goto WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Capability ->Turn off View Report ( as shown below)

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3.Options #

Both Admin and Vendors can see the reports of their store from here: Goto WCFM Admin/vendor Dashboard -> Reports, following if the glimpse of the same:

 ( Image show the Report parameters for Admin ( or store owner)

Let’s now discuss the options available in the Report Dashboard individually to have a better insight:

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3.1.Sales by Date (for both Admin and Vendor): #

This will allow the vendors and admin to check the sales figure for a particular range of date such as Year, Month, week and even custom selected range of date.

(Pic showing the report presentation for Sale by date option.)

Note that Sale by date option is available for admin and vendors, only difference being, the admin can see the entire sale of the store and vendors can see the sale of only their store.

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3.2.Sale by Product ( both Admin and vendor) #

Similar to Sale by date, both admin and vendors are able to get a vivid analysis of the products being sold. Only difference being- the admin can check this for any products in the store, whereas the vendor can only search for the sale which is being sold exclusively in their store. 

Here’s an outlook of the report section ( of a vendor) for better understanding:

Here’s a briefing of the options available as shown in the screenshot above:

Time range : From here one can select the time span within which the report needs to be generated.

Product Search: The product search option allows one to enter the name of the product whose sales report has to be generated. One will have to select the product from the drop-down option needed.

Top Sellers: This section will enlist all the top selling products, clicking on which shows the sales figure  of the selected product for a span of time. 

(Pic1: List of products being shown)

(Pic 2: Image showing the report of sales of the selected product for a span of time)

Top Freebies: Similar to top sellers option this section will enlist all the top freebie products as shown in the following screenshot:

Top Earners: Using this option one will get the list of top sold products, and check the sales report generated for a selected span of time.


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3.3.Sale by store ( Only admin) #

This option is only available for admin/store-owner as they can select any vendor store from the drop-down option and check the sales report of that particular vendor store. Here’s a screenshot of the options available:



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3.4.Low in stock ( both admin and vendor) #

Both admin and vendor can get the list of products which are low in stock from here. Apart from getting a glimpse of the inventory, you can also edit/view/delete the products from this list. Here’s again a screenshot showing a demo listing:

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3.5.Out of stock ( both admin and vendor): #

Similar to the “Low in Stock” feature, this option allows the admin and the vendors to get a glance of the stock which is out of stock. Quite understandably, vendor will be able to see the stock of their own store, and the admin can see the status of the stock for the entire online store ( i.e for every vendor). Here’s a glimpse of the same:

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3.6.Coupons by date ( only Admin) #

Admin can check the number of coupons and the amount of discount which is used in the store for a selected span of time. Additionally, there is also filter options available using which one can see the reports of any specific coupon. It also lists the coupons which are most popular and which offered maximum discounts Here is a screen-grab of the same:

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