Stock Manager

1.Overview #

Managing product stocks is one of the most painful job for an ecommerce site. It’s very difficult if you need update stock for 50 products (5 variations each) without bulk control, and this is where we have worked on!

WCFM, gives you ( admin) and your vendors the ability to edit all the products in a single interface and update all of them at once, thus you can manage all the products now in a single click.

In this article we will discuss about the details of this feature and following are the requirements for the same:

  • WooCommerce
  • WCFM Marketplace + WCFM Frontend Manager
  • WCFM Ultimate


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2.Stock Management #

You can find the bulk stock management option from here: Goto WCFM admin/vendor dashboard -> Product -> Click on bulk edit option as shown below

Upon clicking on the above icon you will be redirected to stock manager page as shown below:

As you can seen, there is a list of all the products and you can manage them as required and update them all at once. You can filter/search for products from the following filters available:

As seen from above you can filter the list of product by:

  • Category
  • Product Type
  • By store

Apart from this, a normal search option is also provided incase necessary.

Now, coming to managing the stocks, you can perform the following functions:

1. Enabling/disabling Manage stock option: If YES is selected, you can change the stock quantity, else changing it is not allowed.

2. Updating stock status:  You can select if the product is out of stock or in stock as shown below:

3. Managing backorders: You can manage if they want to permit backorder for the products as shown below:

4. Stock Quantity: If manage stock is set as “Yes”, the you can set stock quantity for here.

5. Managing stocks of many products at once as shown below

Once all the changes/management of the selected stock is done, you can click on ” submit to reflect the changes as shown below:

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3.Capability and Module #

Admin can turn OFF the bulk stock manager module from settings here- WCFM Admin dashboard-> Settings -> Modules -> Turn off Bulk stock manager option

Also, admin can turn off this feature for vendors by disabling the capability as shown below :

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