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Periodic Withdrawal

This Setting will ensure that the commission funds are disbursed periodically. Admin can schedule the payment disbursal by “Schedule interval” such as every 7 days, 15 days, 30 days etc from the dropdown.

Similar to manual withdrawal, admin can select the order statues which are to be permitted for withdrawal by the vendors as well from the options here:

However, the entire mechanism of periodic withdrawal is automated and the payment is disbursed to the vendors as per the time schedule set.

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Withdrawal Modes

WCFM provides flexible modes for withdrawal and this serves as the most important criteria for withdrawal disbursal. Following modes are allowed by WCFM currently: 

i) Manual Withdrawal

ii) Periodic Withdrawal

iii) By order Status

One can select the mode from the drop-down available here: WCFM Admin Dashboard >> Settings >> Withdrawal settings.