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Live Chat Firebase Rules

Step 1 : Click on Realtime Database from left menu.

Step 2 : Switch to Rules tab

Step 3 : Replace code with the following code (same as shown in below image, if it’s not same already) and click on Publish button Code:
"rules": {
".read": "true",
".write": "true"

Step 4 : Click on Storage from left menu. 

Step 5 :  Click on Get Started 

Step 6 :  Follow the setup wizard and set the Storage rules as shown below:

Step 7 :  Click on Publish as shown below.

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Live Chat Capability

If you don’t want to have Chat Module in your site they you may disable just by on click.

Kindly go to WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Modules -> Chat Box -> Set this OFF


You may control “Chat Box” capability from WCFM Capability setting page.



You may control chat module availability as per vendor as well.

Membership specific chat box capability controller is also possible using WCFM – Group & Staff addon.

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Live Chat Dasboard

Vendors may manage chat requests from their Dashboard -> Left menu Chat Box

Also note that the vendor  needs to click on ” Connect” button for being available to chat as shown below:

If the above ” connect” button is not clicked the vendors will not be available for chat and the users ( or customers ) who wants to chat with vendors will receive a notification in their chat-box as shown below:

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Live Chat Firebase Setting APP ID

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : If you have a Firebase account, Sign in, else create an account

Step 3 : Click on Get Started 

Step 4 : Click on Create a Project

Step 5 : Enter Project name and tick mark the checkbox to accept Firebase terms.

Step 6 : Click on Continue

Step 7 : Select “Set up Google Analytics for my project” and click on Continue

Step 8 : At the Configure Google Analytics screen, select the options as represented on the screenshot below if you are intending to create the project on the default Firebase account, and hit Create Project

Step 9 : Click on Continue


Step 10 : In the Build menu on the left hand side panel, click on Realtime Database


Step 11 : Click on Create database in Realtime Database


Step 12 : Click on Next

Step 13 : Click on Enable

Step 14 : You will see Firebase url

Step 15 : Just copy first part of this URL, it is your Firebase APP ID (in my case it is “wcl-chat”)