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Affiliate Commission Calculation Mode

You may also define how commission will be calculated, whether this will be on item cost or vendor’s commission.

If you set this ‘On Commission’ then Affiliate commission will be calculated on vendor’s commission amount and will be deducted from commission. Affiliate commission deduction will be visible under vendor’s order details and commission invoice as well.

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Vendor as Affiliate

You may enable “Vendor as Affiliate?” option from WCFM Admin Setting -> Affiliate setting tab

Now, your site vendors will see a new menu “Become Affiliate” under their dashboard.

If vendor click on this they will redirect to “Affiliate Registration” confirmation page.

If you have  enabled “Require Approval” option then will receive approval notification. On approval vendor will become “Affiliate” for the site.

Now vendor will have his “Affiliate Stats” menu under his dashboard –

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Affiliate Registration

When you will install WCFM Affiliate addon it will create a page for “Affiliate Registration” automatically.

You may see this page to wp-admin -> pages -> Affiliate Registration

You may change this title and slug as per your wish.

If you by mistake delete this page then create a page with short code `[wcfm_affiliate_registration]` and set at WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Setting -> Dashboard Pages -> Affiliate Registration

Now browse this page and will see “Affiliate Registration” form –

Well, default form comes with very minimal fields –

  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Now you may add more fields to this form. For this go to WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Setting -> Affiliate

There has many static fields which you may include in this from –

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Terms and Condition checkbox

You may also define a terms page.

If you think this fields are not enough for your purpose then you may define your own field for the form as well –

You are also allowed to define whether Affiliate Registration will be require Admin Approval or not !

If you keep this enable and an user submit affiliate registration form then Admin will receive “Affiliate Approval” notification and Admin will able to approve may approve/reject this application form WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Notifications 

On click “approve/reject” icon from “Actions” column you will see a popup like this and from here you will able to approve/reject affiliate application –

On Approve – Affiliate user will receive “Welcome Email”

On Reject – Affiliate user will receive notification with “Reject Reason” and user account will be deleted from site

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Affiliate Stats

You may check all affiliate commission details for an affiliate user from his stats page.

Go to WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Affiliate -> Click on “Affiliate Stat” button for any affiliate user.

You will see all affiliate commissions for the user.

You may also mark affiliate commissions as paid from here.

Affiliate commission payout is manual method, you only mark them “Paid” from here.

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Affiliate Commission

You may set different type commission option for affiliate user. Available commission options –

  • New Vendors – when a new vendor user register to the site using affiliate registration url
  • Referred Vendor Order – when any item sell in the system for a referred vendor by affiliate user
  • Other Orders – when any order place by following affiliate user url

You are allowed to define Affiliate commissions at three levels – 

  1. Global Commission
  2. Membership wise Commission
  3. Individual Affiliate Commission

You may define “Global Affiliate Commission” from WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Setting -> Affiliate 

You may override Global Commission for each Vendor Membership from membership manage page –

You may also define commission for individual affiliates from affiliate manage page –

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Affiliate Manage

You may manage affiliate user’s from affiliate manage section.

Go to WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Affiliate -> Click on “Manage Affiliate” button for any affiliate user

You may manage from here –

  • Affiliate user’s commissions
  • Affiliate details
  • Affiliate code generator