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Stripe Account Setup

Sign up or Log in

At first, you have to visit and sign up. Follow their verification process. If you already have a Stripe Account, just sign in.

Generate (Test and Live) API Keys

You will find your dashboard after log-in. Now click on the API option from the left menu.

You will find the Secret and Publishable Keys for both Test and Live. Copy and paste the keys to the credential fields. If you are testing, use the Test credentials. For live transactions, use the live credentials.

Connect Your Marketplace and Get the Client ID

Now, you have already entered the API Keys and the only thing required is the Client ID for live transaction or Test Client ID for Testing.

Click on Connect from left Menu. Now, click on the Platform Settings. Enter the following details-

  • Name of your Marketplace
  • URL
  • Logo and Icon (if any)
  • Redirect URL(s) (You have to set two URLs here –  WCFM Dashboard page setting URL and for Setup Widget

Finally, copy the Client ID under the Development section. This is the credential you have to put under the Client ID.

Know more about this from here –

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