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APP Order Module

Order section will show list orders for their products and related details at a glance such as – order id, product(s) purchased, earnings, data & time, order status, customer name as shown below.














Once clicked on any of the order(s) the vendors will be able to see the detailed information of the order as shown below:


























As seen from above, vendors can perform a number of functions and view information of the order which are briefly discussed below:

a. Change/manage or update the order status as seen here-









b. View Billing details of the customer.







c. View the ordered items in details





d. View shipping details and cost:






e. View order total.







f. Vendors can also add note and upload an attachment along with the note as shown below from the app










They can keep the note as private or send it to customer as required, this can be selected from the dropdown as shown below-





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