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Commission Hierarchy

As an admin you can add commission at different levels, apart from declaring the commission rule Globally ( which is valid for the entire site) you can also set specific rules at different levels such as:

1. Vendor level
2. Category Level
3. Product Level.

Now, question is which level will get the most priority over the rules set? To make it clear here is the how the rules will get prioritized:

Product level commission rule > Category Level commission rule > Vendor level commission rule > Global commission rule

So, lets take the following example:

Vendor avi_store commission rule is set such that vendor will get a commission of 90%

Product purchase from avi_store fetches 90% commission to vendor as shown below

But for a particular product belonging to same vendor avi_store, we are setting the commission such that the vendor earns only Rs 10

And here’s a screen-grab showing that the same vendor is receiving only Rs 10 by selling the above product.

Thus Commission rule set for product will have more priority over the rule set for vendor. Moving ahead let’s checkout how these rules are set accordingly.

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