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Delivery Time Admin Setting

Admin allow to set default delivery times form WCFM Admin Setting -> Delivery

Start Time: Set this to show first time slot available for delivery. E.g. if you set this `30 minutes` then customers will have first time slot after `30 minutes` from current time.

Show Upto: ‘Set this to show maximum time slots available for delivery. E.g. if you set this `2 days` then customers will able to choose time slots upto `2 days from start time`.

Slots Duration: Each delivery time slot duration

Slot Display Format: This will define how time slots list will display to customers. Options – Only Date, Only Time, Date and Time

Week Day Off: You may also disable those week days which are not available for delivery.

Daily available time slots: You are also allow to define daily basis available time slots. Just be careful, do not add conflicting time slots for a day.

Delivery Time Module:

If you don’t require this module then may disable form WCFM Admin Setting -> Modules -> Delivery Time Module –


Delivery Capability:

You may disable this for vendors from WCFM Capability setting as well –

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