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APP Overview

It’s needless to say how apps are necessary for our business, and you will need an app solution to scale up your e-commerce business to next level.

WCFM Marketplace brings you series of apps for your vendors, customers and delivery personal to ensure smooth running of your marketplace just from your mobile!

So, here are the Apps we have:

1. WCFM Store Manager app – This primarily is a FREE app for your vendors, which will allow them to manage their business through this app.

2. WCFM Multivendor app- This is shop app for the customers and it supports the customer to purchase from the websites powered by WCFM.

3. WCFM Delivery app- It’s exclusively for delivery agents, allowing them to manage deliveries from their mobiles seamlessly.

In this documentation, we will discuss about the features provided by all these 3 apps in detailed manner. We do intend to add more features with time, till then Happy selling to you all!

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