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GEO Locate

What is GEO Locate?

While it’s true that your IP address doesn’t reveal your address or identity, it can reveal to someone what city or even general area you are in…within several miles in some instances. And it does it in an instant. (Remember—only people with some technical know-how can do that. The average person won’t have a clue.)

That amazing technological feat is made possible by something called geolocation software. Like something from a movie, geolocation software first zeroes in on your country, and then your region, city, and often finally your ZIP code.

How WCFM integrates this?

Now, we are using same technology to show relevant stores to a customer by filtering his/her location. Well, first you have to enable this module from WCFM Admin Setting -> Marketplace Setting Tab -> GEO Locate

If this module enabled hence customer’s location will auto-populate at store list location filter and store visible only for those locations –

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