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Shop Manager Individual Capability

In addition to the Global settings for the Managers, the Groups and Staffs plugin also allows the admin to control the managers of the shop individually. The admin can do the same from here:   WCFm  Admin Dashboard -> Manager -> Manage Manager -> Custom Capability

For checking on the capabilities of the manager, the admin can click on the Edit icon which will him/her to manage-manager page providing editing options like Username, email etc.

In addition to those edits, the admin can set the capability for the particular member by checking the “ Custom capability” option provided. Here’s a screenshot below for better understanding:

From the toggle options given in the capabilities tab, the admin can set the required permission for the particular manager.

It’s to be noted that once a manager is assigned to a Group, then the capabilities of the group will prevail and hence the Custom capability option will not be available in the Edit manager page.

Additionally, one has to keep in mind that Individual capability set will always prevail over the Global settings provided in the site. So for example, if the Manage Product option is set to ON Globally ( for every manager of the site) and for a particular manager ( say manager1) the Manage Product option is OFF, then manager1 will not be allowed to manage the product of the assigned shop. 

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